Vision for BC

Advocate for the people of British Columbia and has offered a strong vision for the future of the province. He is ready to lead the BC NDP and he is ready to govern.


  • A strong, dynamic economy where government works as a partner to produce the jobs and development we need to succeed. That includes a particular focus on rural economic development, recognizing that much of the province’s wealth has come from its natural resources. We need to continue to support our resource-based communities while making ongoing investments in the high-tech, green economies of the future.
  • Restoring honesty and integrity to government. The public is increasingly disenchanted with government and our democratic institutions. We need to reverse that trend and it starts by rebuilding trust. That means saying what we mean, meaning what we say, and delivering what we promise.
  • Protecting our province’s natural greatness. From both an economic and moral standpoint, we have a duty to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. That means making sustainability a key lens through which we examine public policy decisions.
  • Tackling the big issues. From public safety and transportation to the environment and the long-term financial health of the province, British Columbia is confronted by big, and often complex, issues. It’s time to address these issues in a determined and pragmatic way that achieves real results and delivers the real change British Columbians want.
  • Strengthening public services. British Columbians are proud of our public services like the health and education systems, but, we need to find new and creative ways to enhance them to better meet the needs of our communities and shifting demographics. The provincial government needs to look at communities as co-governors and work together to find cost-effective solutions. We need to move away from the command and control management style BC has been under for the last 10 years.