Proposal for a 21st Century Education Commission

A proposal to strike a provincial commission on education for the 21st century. After a decade of BC Liberal inaction, it is time our province developed a commission charged with presenting a vision and action plan to ensure that BC has the best possible education system for the 21st century.

Most people in the education sector agree that meaningful reform is needed, but the BC Liberal government has only responded with chronic underfunding and a confrontational approach with education partners. The commission would not prevent a BC NDP government from making immediate and necessary improvements.

The strategy includes:

  1. Funding, fees, and affordability;
  2. Class size, class composition, and the role of assessment;
  3. Changing technology and its role in learning;
  4. Connecting early learning to the K-12 system;
  5. Ensuring young graduates can access the post-secondary, skills, or training program of their choice; and,
  6. Preparing students for the realities of modern life and careers.

“As Premier, I will strike this provincial commission on education right after taking office,”. “It will be staffed by experts from across BC’s education community, and will include a broad consultation of stakeholders including educators, parent and student representatives, academics, immigrant services groups, as well as voices from BC’s technology, arts, and trades industries.”